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The World Prog Project

The World Prog Project © is a community working together. We are gathering the greatest progressive rock, jazz, electronic, ambient, alternative and soundtrack artists, the music industry people they work with, and even their families, from the four corners of Planet Earth. From the unknowns to the industry icons... combining their talents to help those who need it the most. Humanitarian projects with a music twist.

Edwin Durant Kovtun

Following on from their critically acclaimed long running instrumental collaboration “Burnt Belief” Colin Edwin (bass) and Jon Durant (guitars) have joined forces once again, this time with pre-eminent Ukrainian vocalist Inna Kovtun on their eponymous new recording.

Highlights of the album include the earthy and primal Harvest which develops from a heavy, percolating rhythm, to an urgent and insistent bassline punctuated by traditional Ukrainian wind instruments, and is lead to a simmering peak by Durant’s unrelenting guitars. Walking Wheel showcases an expansive melodic vista built around an exceptional and epic vocal arrangement by Inna Kovtun. The otherworldly and propulsive electronica of Hannochka is a highly distinctive and evocative take on a traditional folk refrain, and clearly illustrates the artist's fresh approach to these sometimes timeless themes.

Kinetic Element

The World Prog Project and Core Web Graphics proudly designed and hosts the website of great friends and WorldProg members... KINETIC ELEMENT. Always looking to be on the cutting edge of all music tools, we took the time to utilize WorldProg CoreCode... no templates as we developed this site for Mike Visaggio. Many unique elements can be seen and we wish KE the best with all their live and online endeavors! - The WorldProg Team


For all things BABALonian, WorldProg had more fun than is legal and spewed out this site for Babal. Capturing the angst of 21st Century Britain with Karen Langley’s sharply observed lyrics, laced with the manically haunting guitars of Rob Williams and enhanced by Zoie Green’s trippy keyboards, plus groove drivers Ben Balsom on bass and Jon Sharp on electronic drums, BABAL deliver a theatrical, barbed performance that defies categorization. WorldProg's newest creation for some very special friends!

Jon Durant

WorldProg was proud to create this site for Innovative guitarist Jon Durant. He brings a unique sense of texture and melody to his instrument. His distinctive “cloud guitar” soundscapes and engaging lead work have graced numerous CD recordings and film soundtracks and his very distinctive use of fretless guitar has been widely admired. Durant has released 9 solo albums and three Burnt Belief records (with Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree). Durant has also been featured on the Astarta / Edwin album which was released in 2016. Durant, Colin Edwin and Ukranian singer Inna Kovtun will have a new CD later in 2019 which will feature a completely unique and modern take on traditional Ukranian folk music, with a blend of progressive rock, ambient, and pop elements. Durant’s acclaimed 2018 solo release “Parting Is” was his first “solo guitar’ recording and the follow up solo guitar album “Alternate Landscapes” continues to stretch the boundaries of what a guitar record can sound like.

The Sunking Reborn

PeacockSunrise Records' recording artist The Sun King Reborn is the solo Americana/Rock project by singer/songwriter/piano player John Blangero from Port Isabel, Texas. John is also the COO of The World Prog Project. Steeped in the tradition of southern rock and country soul, John writes songs that are influenced by such classic artists as Leon Russell and Joe Cocker but that are colored by his own musical style. The Sun King Reborn are currently in the studio finishing their first album to be called Delta Tales with a 2019 expected release date on PeacockSunrise Records. In addition to The Sun King Reborn project, John is also the lead singer and principal composer in the Pittsburgh-based progressive rock band, Harlequin Reborn.

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